AEP Webinar: Supporting Wild Bees

Dr. Nancy McLean, Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding and Genetics at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Agriculture discusses her research and ways we can support wild bees. This webinar is presented … Continued

AEP Webinar: Earthen Manure Storage Systems

Professional Engineer Steven Brogan discusses earthen manure storage systems in this session. These types of manure storage systems are widely used in Western Canada, but less common in Nova Scotia. … Continued

AEP Webinar Series: Soils

Soil health, Our Climate Change Solution Enhancing soil health in Nova Scotia is a high priority for NS farmers and the NSFA. We welcomed Dr. David Burton from Dalhousie’s Faculty … Continued

EFP Annual Report for 2020

2020 has been a busy year for the EFP program. We continue to work towards revamping our program and have developed a new vision for how the EFP program will … Continued

Do you need more water on the farm?

The Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture recently announced enhanced funding for the Sustainable Agricultural Water Supply section in the Soil and Water Sustainability program. This helps fund wells and pond … Continued

Managing heavy rainfall events

Our climate is changing and that is having an impact on our growing seasons. This summer has been hot, humid and mostly dry with repeated heat warnings being issued and … Continued

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