Snowy River Farms located in Cooks Brook, Nova Scotia is owned and operated by Amy and David Hill with their two children, Ayla and Ezekiel. They grow a mix of vegetables, herbs, and flowers and pasture-raise meat products in a humane and ecologically friendly manner. Environmental consideration is valued on the farm and is applied in all farm decisions to minimize the impact on the landscape.

Soil conservation techniques are adopted on the farm to improve soil health and productivity.  The organic matter, biological activity and nutrient balance in the soil are maintained by reduced tillage, applying mulch on bare soils to prevent erosion, and rotating crops. Integrated pest management is accomplished by companion planting. This is where two plants are grown by each other to benefit both or one of the plants to reduce pests and attract pollinators.

Livestock including chickens for meat and egg production and hogs, are raised on a rotational grazing system to promote vegetation and soil health and structure in the fields. When natural fertilization is put back into the soil, plants can establish deeper roots, which can better retain moisture and protect from water and wind erosion and the soil can better store carbon.

Amy conserves water by using a drip irrigation system in her vegetable gardens and collects rainwater in barrels throughout the farm property. Building material is reused and livestock enjoy vegetables and fruit from clippings and peels. Limiting waste on the farm is another environmental consideration for the farm.

Recently during a visit to the farm to update their Environmental Farm Plan, Amy discussed using Anaerobic Soil Disinfestation (ASD) in one of the greenhouses to help improve crop production. This technique is an ecological alternative to chemical soil fumigation. Decomposable organic materials are incorporated into the soil, followed by soaking the soil with water, and then covering with impermeable plastic. The farms investment and compassion in providing high quality local food products and sustaining the natural environment does not go unnoticed.

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